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st mike's used a bit = GOOD clothes for kids. Almost every time I go in there I find a Hanna Andersson sleeper or snowsuit or something. If nothing else you can make enough on the resale on ebay to justify a trip into the store. Leah's ice skates are from there last year: $2.00 Occasionally they have a bag sale. Some (cheap) price for the whole grocery bag - 5 bucks? And they will often have good stuff for sewing. I don't know how often that is.

so i have nothing to be afraid of? thanks! i will have to check that out.

you'd absolutely DIE at the prices here in our rural antique stores. it's the highlight of my time here that i've picked up some great pieces for pennies. my favorite thing to hunt for is old wooden picture frames, but i think my best find is this pack of hand-carved wooden stamps that i've used on tea towels and cards. they can't be replicated, which makes them faboo. wish we had clothes, though.

that sounds amazing! you know what i long for? the hutchinson dorcas. they had a freaking FREE room. most of the stuff i got there was free, actually. i think the stuff you paid for, you just decided what to pay, and made a donation, so i would put a dollar or two into a box on the wall. that's the way i remember it, anyway.

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