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a. where'd you go? Did you leave anything behind? LOL.

b. let me know how the patterns are in that book. I'm considering placing it upon my birthday list.

a. superior gw, and no but i did drop off a huge bag at the duluth gw on saturday - without shopping!

b. i will. if your birthday wishes don't come true, you can just borrow mine.

c. not that you asked, but i did go to used-a-lot and found a cute vintage suitcase (hiding inside of another one!), a teeny tiny doily i had to have, and three partial balls of cotton yarn for a total of $2. also ran into two friends! thanks for the tip.

d. thanks for leaving a link - i have some reading to do!

I was thinking I wonder if she made it to st mike's. But now you solved it.

I have a blog that's more about the kids (kristinemigh.livejournal.com) but my sister and several friends suggested a blog that people who didn't know me would read. We'll see how long it lasts.

Sounds great! I heard you have some sicklings at home...sad. Our New Years Day movie/Chinese food extravaganza will have to wait for a better weekend!! We'll miss you tomorrow!

I just re-read my post and what I meant was, "Christmas sounds like it was great"...with the lead into the next part...it just didn't seem clear!!

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