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um, so, what are the two strange bumps?

if you can't guess, you'll never find out (even if you read the book). owl never does.

now that's inspiration!!

I agree, more frills in 2010!

OOHHH...his little feet! and every time he gets on his knees to crouch down and peek under the covers the two strange bumps disappear! am i right??

pretty much! you should probably come over and read it to them. owl ends up sleeping downstairs in his chair next to the fire.

Dang, that looks comfy! Why does Owl look so worried?

"bumps! bumps! bumps! i'll never sleep tonight."

that's why. my other favorite line is, "where are you? what are you?"

there are five stories in the book and they are all awesome. i love it so much. it's by arnold lobel (of "frog & toad" books). i love the subtle humor, where there are no actual jokes or moments where you're supposed to laugh, but it's still really fun, and i also like to cry, so . . . perfect combination.

i said "fun" but meant "funny"

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